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Teacher and Staff 
All about You
In alphabetical order

Michelle Acker
June 7th

Favorite Restaurants- Chick-Fil-a, Tijuana Flats

Places to Shop- Amazon


Baked Goods- 

Candy- Mike N Ike, Baby Ruth 

Drink- Unsweet Tea 

Coffee - Any

Allergies- N/A

Favorite Color- Yellow 

Flower- Lilies

Favorite Scent- Anything Tropical 

Sports team- Gators 

Hobbies- Sports and Book
Andrea Akers
December 4th 

Favorite Restaurants -Starbucks , Tijuana Flats 

Places to Shop- Target , Sephora 

Snack- Popcorn

Baked Goods- Any

Candy-M& M's, Peanut Butter cups 

Drink-Coke , Flavored Coffee


Allergies- Fish 

Favorite Color- Purple

Flower- Sunflower 

Favorite Scent 

Sports team- Detroit Red Wings

Hobbies- Going to Disney, Reading, Cycling

Classroom Wish List- Tissues, Quart Baggies, Laminating Pouches, Basic Legos, Expo Markers

Francisca Alvarez

October 8th

Favorite Restaurants - Mediterranean Food

Places to Shop- Amazon

Snack- Dry Fruits, Fruit

Baked Goods 

Candy- Chocolate

Drink- Smoothie Veggie 


Allergies- N/A

Favorite Color-Blue 

Flower- All flowers 

Favorite Scent- Lavender 

Sports team- Swimming 

Hobbies- Camping , Reading, Traveling, Family Party, Movie

Classroom Wish List- Glue Sticks, Crayola, Kleenex, Eraser Markers

Anissa Arnum

June 23rd

Favorite Restaurants -Red Robin, Longhorn Steakhouse

Places to Shop- Bath & Body Works

Snack- Popcorn, Pretzels, Original Lays

Baked Goods- Cookie, Cake, Strawberry Shortcake 

Candy- Sweet Tart, Skittles

Drink- Coke, Pepsi, Pink Drink from Starbucks 

Coffee- Frozen Mocha 


Favorite Color- Blue 

Flower- Orchids

Favorite Scent - A Thousand Wishes

Sports team 

Hobbies- Sing, Dance , Read

Classroom Wish List- Wiggle Chairs

Joseph Avellino

June 18th 

Favorite Restaurants -Anhy

Places to Shop- Target, Kohls 

Snack- Any

Baked Goods- Cakes (Publix) 

Candy- Swedish Fish 

Drink- Dr Pepper

Coffee -Dunkin


Favorite Color - Blue


Favorite Scent 

Sports team- Bills 

Hobbies- Anything Outdoors 

Amanda Baptist

September 26th

Favorite Restaurants -Tijuana Flats, Chick-Fil-A 

Places to Shop- Target, Publix, TJ Maxx 

Snack- Salt & Vinegar Chips

Baked Goods-Cookies 


Drink-Unsweet tea, Diet Dr Pepper 

Coffee-Iced Coffee w/Cream 


Favorite Color- Purple 


Favorite Scent- Cinnamon 

Sports team- Tampa Bay Rays, UCF 

Hobbies- Baseball Watching 

Classroom Wish List- Pens, Sticky Note

Melissa Bardwell

August 29th

Favorite Restaurants -Mulligans, Chick-Fil-A

Places to Shop- Ross , Home Goods 


Baked Goods- All 

Candy - Sour

Drink -Coke, Water

Coffee- Hot 


Favorite Color- Yellow

Flower- Sunflower 

Favorite Scent- Clean Linen 

Sports team- UCF Knights 

Hobbies- Reading , Cooking 

Classroom Wish List- File Folders, Legos, Colored Cardstock, Magazines, Logic games

Anissa Barrett

October 5th

Favorite Restaurants -Mexican, Chicken-Fil-A, Coffee Shop 

Places to Shop- Target , Hobby Lobby, Marshalls 

Snack- Fruit , Cookies

Baked Goods- All 

Candy- Chocolate 

Drink- Coffee 

Coffee - Iced Coffee Black


Favorite Color- Teal, Mint Green 

Flower - Sunflower

Favorite Scent- Pumpkin, Tropical 

Sports team- Gators 

Hobbies- Beach, running, scrapbooking 

Classroom Wish List- Pens, Post-its, notecards, candy

Morgan Bauerle

August 15th

Favorite Restaurants -Chick-Fil-A, Publix 

Places to Shop- Target, Hobby Lobby 

Snack- Chips, Dark Chocolate Pretzel

Baked Goods- Brownies 

Candy- Gummies 

Drink- Coke Zero 

Coffee - Iced


Favorite Color - Dark Green

Flower- Sunflower 

Favorite Scent- Apple 

Sports team- Gators 

Hobbies- My Dogs

Classroom Wish List- Pencil Boxes, Fidgets, Markers, Dry Erase Markers, Primary Paper w/Picture Space & Binders

Ashley Bedio

September 12th

Favorite Restaurants -Agave Azul 

Places to Shop- Target 

Snack- Spicy Cheetos

Baked Goods- Cookies 

Candy- Peanut M&Ms 

Drink- Arnold Palmer



Favorite Color- Blue

Flower- Sunflower

Favorite Scent- Pumpkin Spice 

Sports team- Tampa Bay Lighting 


Classroom Wish List- More Flexible seating

Jas Brown

July 18th

Favorite Restaurants -Cheesecake Factory 

Places to Shop- Nike, H&M 

Snack-Cheetos Puffs, Welch's Fruit Snacks

Baked Goods- Cupcakes 

Candy- Snickers, Kit Kat 

Drink-Mountain Dew 

Coffee- White Chocolate Mocha 

Allergies- Seafood 

Favorite Color- Purple 

Flower- Sunflower/ Carnation 

Favorite Scent-Cocoa Butter

Sports team- Steelers 


Classroom Wish List

Danielle Burgess

December 28th

Favorite Restaurants -Crepevine, Don Julio's

Places to Shop- Target 

Snack- Cheese, Hard Pretzels

Baked Goods- Cookies 

Candy- Dark Chocolate 

Drink- Coke 


Allergies- Cinnamon, Peaches, Oyster 

Favorite Color- Blue 

Flower- Sunflower, Carnation 

Favorite Scent- Pine, Ocean 

Sports team- Yankees, Giants, Syracuse 

Hobbies- Sleeping, Disney, Reading, Sports 

Classroom Wish List- Expo Markers, Circle Magnets, Card Stock, Copy Paper, Ink

Melissa Burgess

July 2nd

Favorite Restaurants -Jimmy Hula's, Don Julio's 

Places to Shop- Target , Amazon, Home Goods 

Snack- Toasted Cheez-Its

Baked Goods- Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Candy- M&M's, Reese's Cups 

Drink-Coke, Water 



Favorite Color- Pink 

Flower- Daisy 

Favorite Scent-Cinnamon, Vanilla 

Sports team- Broncos 


Classroom Wish List- Dry Erase Markers, Glue Sticks, Markers

Dylan Burgett

January 29th

Favorite Restaurants -Rosati's, PDQ

Places to Shop- Target , Home Depot 

Snack-Peanut Butter

Baked Goods- Carrot Cake 

Candy- Reeses Pieces 

Drink- Coconut Water 

Coffee- Black 


Favorite Color- Blue 

Flower- Sunflower 

Favorite Scent- Outdoor 

Sports team- Magic 

Hobbies- Carpentry, Basketball 

Classroom Wish List-Minions

Kristi Buhring

March 25th

Favorite Restaurants -Any

Places to Shop- Groceries 


Baked Goods- Cookies 

Candy- Chocolate 

Drink- Ice Tea 



Favorite Color- Blue 


Favorite Scent- Sweet 

Sports team 

Hobbies-Anything Outdoorsy 

Classroom Wish List- Candy

Tantanisha Burke

July 29th

Favorite Restaurants -Bahama Breeze, Longhorn Fishbones, Mr. & Mrs. Crab 

Places to Shop- Target, Walmart, CVS, Marshalls

Snack-Chips, Popcorn, Honey Cashews, Fruit, Cheetos White Cheddar Baked Puffs

Baked Goods-Cheesecake 

Candy- Turtles, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup 

Drink- Pepsi, Sprite, Sweet Tea 

Coffee- Starbucks Carmel Frappe w/Extra Caramel Iced 


Favorite Color- Brown 

Flower- Roses, Tulip 

Favorite Scent- Eucalyptus,Lavender 

Sports team- FSU, Miami Heat 

Hobbies- Cooking, Traveling, Walking, Playing Cards, Eating Out 

Classroom Wish List

Dian Christopher

September 27th

Favorite Restaurants -Zaxby's, Chick-Fil-A 

Places to Shop-Publix, Walmart 


Baked Goods -


Drink- Iced Tea 

Coffee- Iced Mocha 


Favorite Color-Green 


Favorite Scent- Clean Ocean 

Sports team- U of Houston Cougars 

Hobbies- Card Making 

Classroom Wish List- Anything Owls

Patty Circe

March 31st

Favorite Restaurants - Mulligans, Chick-Fil-A

Places to Shop- Target, Joanns, Michaels

Snack-Protein Low sugar Bars, Nuts, Flex Chips

Baked Goods -Flex Chips

Candy - Sugar Free Chocolate

Drink-Caffeine free diet soda  

Coffee- Caffeine Free French Vanilla 

Allergies- Pepto Bismol, Beach Scents

Favorite Color- Purple

Flower-Potted Dish Garden 

Favorite Scent-Harvest Cinnamon Spice  

Sports team-Saints  

Hobbies- Sewing 

Classroom Wish List- Live Green Plants

April Comer

April 18th

Favorite Restaurants - Outback, PDQ, Chick-Fil-A

Places to Shop-Target, Kohls, Costco, Publix 

Snack- Salt & Vinegar Chips, Kettle Popcorn

Baked Goods -Muffins, Cookies

Candy- Everything except Skittles or mint

Drink- Water, Diet Coke, Can Starbucks Coffee 

Coffee-Caramel Macchiato Hot or Cold


Favorite Color- Black and Purple


Favorite Scent- Caramel, Christmas 

Sports team-UCF  

Hobbies- Crafting, Petting my Dogs 

Classroom Wish List- Erasable Pens, Owl Stuff

Lizandra Cosme

September 18th

Favorite Restaurants - Jimmy Hula's, Chipotle

Places to Shop-TJ Maxx, Target 

Snack-Chobani Coconut Greek Yogurt, Bananas, GoGo Squeeze

Baked Goods -Brownies

Candy- Twix 

Drink-Pineapple Coconut Body Armor  

Coffee-Cuban Coffee Cafe Con Leche  


Favorite Color- Red, Black, White, Gray

Flower-Calla Lily, Tulip 

Favorite Scent-  

Sports team-  

Hobbies-Tv Series, Working Out 

Classroom Wish List- Incentive Charts/Stickers for it,Bright Colored Cardstock, Paper, Post-its, Markers, Flairs

Andi Danahy

February 11th

Favorite Restaurants - Seasons 52, Figs, Don Julios Terra Mia

Places to Shop- Home Good, TJ Maxx, Target

Snack-Pretzel Chips, Hummus

Baked Goods -Cookies


Drink- Coffee , Water 



Favorite Color- Green

Flower- Lily (White)

Favorite Scent- Pumpkin, Apple 

Sports team-  Buffalo Bills

Hobbies- Running, Reading, Eating Out 

Classroom Wish List- Dry Erase Markers, Treasure Box Stuff

Bridget Davis

July 21st

Favorite Restaurants - Fiesta Grande

Places to Shop- Target

Snack-Chex Mix

Baked Goods -PB Cookies, Banana Bread

Candy-Gummy Bears 

Drink- Coke Zero 

Coffee-Pumpkin Spice, White Chocolate  


Favorite Color-Orange 

Flower- Tulip

Favorite Scent- Cranberry 

Sports team-  

Hobbies- Crocheting 

Classroom Wish List- Pencils, Spirals, Composition

Karina DeLaCruz

August 26st

Favorite Restaurants - Kobes, Chick-Fil-A, Don Julio

Places to Shop- Amazon, Old Navy, Marshalls, Target 

Snack-Hummus & Pita

Baked Goods -Cookies

Candy-Almond Joy

Drink- Iced Tea, Lemonade

Coffee- Oat Milk Latte 


Favorite Color- Black , Purple

Flower-Sunflower, All Plants 

Favorite Scent-Vanilla, Coconut 

Sports team-Yankees  

Hobbies- DIY, Crafting

Classroom Wish List- Mr. Sketch Markers, Protective Clear Sheets

Fior Espinal

February 14th

Favorite Restaurants - Italian, Mexican 

Places to Shop- Amazon, TJ Maxx


Baked Goods -Carrot Cake

Candy-Almond Joy, Snickers

Drink- Smoothie

Coffee-  Any


Favorite Color- Purple

Flower- Sunflower

Favorite Scent- Lavender

Sports team- Yankees 

Hobbies- Movie, Bike

Classroom Wish List-Playdough

Rebecca Evans

December 23rd

Favorite Restaurants - Zippoz, Tijuana Flats

Places to Shop- Target

Snack-Popcorn, Potato Chips

Baked Goods -Chocolate Chip Cookies

Candy-Reeses Pieces

Drink- Dr Pepper, Mountain Dew



Favorite Color- Purple

Flower- Lily

Favorite Scent- Vanilla

Sports team-  

Hobbies- Photography

Classroom Wish List-Sticky Notes, Square Pop-Its

Jen Fennel

February 24th

Favorite Restaurants - Longhorn, Chick-Fil-A

Places to Shop-Target, Old Navy, Amazon 

Snack-Dots Southwestern Pretzels

Baked Goods -


Drink-Unsweet Tea 



Favorite Color-Blues 

Flower- Daisies,  Hydrangeas

Favorite Scent- Vanilla, Coconut

Sports team- Saints 

Hobbies- Reading, Beach

Classroom Wish List-

Shannon Gill

June 12th

Favorite Restaurants - Panera, Carrabba's

Places to Shop- Target, Marshalls, TJ Maxx

Snack-PB Pretzels, Jalapeno Cheetos

Baked Goods -

Candy-Chocolate Covered Almonds

Drink-La Croix 

Coffee- Iced Caramel Latte W/Oatmilk 


Favorite Color- Blue

Flower- Hydrangeas

Favorite Scent- Vanilla . Almond

Sports team- Yankees 

Hobbies- True Crime, Reading

Classroom Wish List- Pens, Sticky Notes, Books

Erika Godin
November 9th

Favorite Restaurants - Agave Azul

Places to Shop- Target

Snack-Chocolate , Cheese

Baked Goods -Cookies

Candy- M&M's

Drink-Water, Seltzer 

Coffee- Dunkin 


Favorite Color- Seafoam Green


Favorite Scent- Ocean

Sports team-  Football

Hobbies- Running, Working Out, Beach Time

Classroom Wish List
Katie Goodwin
January 28th

Favorite Restaurants - Chipotle

Places to Shop- Target, Barnes N Noble


Baked Goods -


Drink- Flavored Seltzer Water

Coffee- Iced Vanilla Latte


Favorite Color- Green


Favorite Scent- 

Sports team- FSU 

Hobbies- Reading, Running, Theme Parks

Classroom Wish List- Books for Pre-K to 1st
Aiara Gomez Cadiñanos
March 19th

Favorite Restaurants - Chipotle

Places to Shop- Whole foods, VS, Body Shop

Snack-Cashews, Pita Chips

Baked Goods -Vanilla Cupcakes


Drink- Peach Iced Tea



Favorite Color- Blue

Flower- Sunflower

Favorite Scent- Cherry Blossom

Sports team-  Athletic de Bilbao

Hobbies- Beach Nature, Knitting, Time w/Family/Friends

Classroom Wish List- Snacks for Kids

Teresa Hanshew
July 25th

Favorite Restaurants - Outback, Olive Garden

Places to Shop- Ross, Joanns, Amazon


Baked Goods -

Candy-Hershey Kisses

Drink- Diet Dr Pepper


Allergies- Peanuts

Favorite Color-Fuschia 

Flower- Carnation

Favorite Scent- Vanilla

Sports team-  

Hobbies- Sewing ,Reading

Classroom Wish List- Squishy Balls, Fidgets

Sarah Harkins
March 11th

Favorite Restaurants - Hurricanes, Back Porch, Chick-Fil-A

Places to Shop- Target

Snack-Chips n Quac

Baked Goods -Brownies


Drink- Diet Coke

Coffee- Iced Vanilla Latte


Favorite Color- Bright Pink

Flower- Sunflower

Favorite Scent- Ocean Breeze

Sports team-  Gators

Hobbies- Pickleball, Paddleboarding, Crafts, Baking

Classroom Wish List- Fidgets ,copy paper, Colored Pencils, Expo Markers, card stock

Donald Hibbard

April 20th

Favorite Restaurants - Tijuana Flats, Jason's Deli

Places to Shop- Amazon, Costco

Snack-BBQ Chips, Salt & Vinegar Chips

Baked Goods -Chocolate Chip Cookies

Candy-Reeses Peanut Butter cups, Butterfingers

Drink- Coke, Mr. Pipp



Favorite Color- Blue


Favorite Scent- Cinnamon

Sports team-  UCF

Hobbies- Viking, Volleyball, Bowling

Classroom Wish List

Barbra Hurley

June 16th

Favorite Restaurants - Chick-Fil-A, Huey Magoos

Places to Shop- Amazon, Bath & Body Works


Baked Goods -

Candy-Peanut M&M's 

Drink- Coke Zero



Favorite Color- Blue


Favorite Scent- Lemon

Sports team-  

Hobbies- Working

Classroom Wish List

Bridget Johnson

October 14th

Favorite Restaurants - Bubbalou's Bodacious Bar-B-Que, Golden Corral

Places to Shop- Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Joanns, Michaels

Snack-Snickers, Sour Cream & Onion Chips

Baked Goods -Brownies

Candy-Hot Tamales

Drink- Sprite

Coffee-  Dunkin Donut French Vanilla Decaf


Favorite Color- Purple

Flower- Purple Orchid 

Favorite Scent- Mango

Sports team- Alabama Crimson Tide 

Hobbies- Making Cups, Sewing, Crafts

Classroom Wish List

Kenyatta Jones

June 24th

Favorite Restaurants - Chick-Fil-A

Places to Shop- Target, Home Goods, Marshalls, Amazon

Snack-Key Lime Tostitos Chips, Almonds, Cashews

Baked Goods -Red Velvet Cupcakes

Candy-Haribo Gummy Bears

Drink- Pineapple Fanta

Coffee- Paradise Drink Starbucks 

Allergies- Tomatoes, Fish, Environmental, Highly Scented Fragrances

Favorite Color- Yellow

Flower- Magnolia

Favorite Scent- Vanilla

Sports team- Florida A&M 

Hobbies- Reading

Classroom Wish List-52x108 Sound absorbing Curtains, 30 Pack Dry Erase Pockets, Black Plastic Organizer baskets

Karen Kealing

February 21st

Favorite Restaurants - Mexican , Chinese

Places to Shop- Target

Snack-Nuts, Chips

Baked Goods -Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cake Pops

Candy-Peanut M&M's

Drink- La Croix

Coffee- Non-Fat Hazelnut 


Favorite Color- Ocean Blues & Greens

Flower- Hydrangea

Favorite Scent- Fresh

Sports team- FSU, TN Vols, Kansas City Chiefs 

Hobbies-Baking, Reading 

Classroom Wish List

Julie Keating

October 12th

Favorite Restaurants -Texas Roadhouse

Places to Shop- TJ Maxx, Amazon


Baked Goods -

Candy-Swedish Fish, White Chocolate Reeses PB Cups

Drink- Sweet Tea

Coffee-Vanilla Iced Coffee  

Allergies- Chocolate

Favorite Color- Blue


Favorite Scent- Vanilla, Coconut

Sports team-Steelers


Classroom Wish List- $5 Gift cards for Teacher Prizes, Teacher Giveaways(Flair Pens, Expo Markers, Colored Paper, Sticky Notes)

Jen Kussard

July 16th

Favorite Restaurants - Culver's, Olive Garden, Longhorn

Places to Shop- Kohls, Hobby Lobby, Target

Snack-Fruit , Chex-mix , Baked Chips

Baked Goods -Cookies

Candy-Bottle Caps, Sour Gummys

Drink- Zephyrhills Water

Coffee- Iced w/Vanilla 


Favorite Color- Purple

Flower- Tulips

Favorite Scent- Tropical

Sports team-  

Hobbies- Walking, Listening to music

Classroom Wish List- Scratch n Sniff Stickers, Bookmarks. Papermate InkJoy Gel Pens

Yoonhee Lee

February 21st

Favorite Restaurants - Sixty Vines, Prato

Places to Shop- Hoka, Anthropologie, Banana Republic

Snack-Kettle Popcorn, Cheetos

Baked Goods -Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Candy-Snickers, M&M Peanut

Drink- Sparkling Water

Coffee- Americano


Favorite Color- Green, Gray

Flower- Plants

Favorite Scent- Japanese Cherry Blossom

Sports team-  

Hobbies- Movies

Classroom Wish List-

Melanie Leger

September 3rd

Favorite Restaurants - Chick-Fil-A, Starbucks

Places to Shop- Target, Loft, Publix

Snack-BBQ Lays, Cheezits, Fruit Bananas, Oranges, Grapes

Baked Goods -Chocolate Chip Cookies

Candy-Dove Chocolate Dark/Milk

Drink- Lemonade, Regular Coke


Allergies- Peanuts

Favorite Color-Yellow, Pink, Blue 

Flower- Yellow Roses

Favorite Scent- Eucalyptus Lavender

Sports team- LSU 


Classroom Wish List-Stickers, Flair Pens, Sharpies, Card Stock, Dry Erase Markers

Zoe Littlechild

March 4th

Favorite Restaurants - Chipotle

Places to Shop-Target, TJ Maxx, Amazon 

Snack-Honey Mustard Pretzels

Baked Goods -Brownies


Drink- Dr Pepper

Coffee- Vanilla Latte

Allergies- Peanuts

Favorite Color-Blue 


Favorite Scent-Sweater Weather 

Sports team- Gators 

Hobbies-Paddle Board 

Classroom Wish List-Candy, Expo. Magnets

Dolores Melissa Lozada

December 20th

Favorite Restaurants - 

Places to Shop- Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, Target, Home Goods

Snack-Fig Newtons

Baked Goods -Muffins

Candy-Snow Caps

Drink-Gatorade, Arnold Palmer 

Coffee- White chocolate Mocha Latte Hazelnut

Allergies- Penicillin

Favorite Color- Purple

Flower- Orchid

Favorite Scent- Jasmine

Sports team-  

Hobbies- Reading

Classroom Wish List-Playdough, Glitter glue, Nice Cozy Reading area

Michelle Martinek

April 27th

Favorite Restaurants -Carrabba's, Tijuana Flats, Chick-Fil-A

Places to Shop- Target, TJ Maxx,Marshalls, Amazon, Home Goods

Snack-Red Apples Slices, Almonds, Skinny Popcorn, chips & Salsa, Off the eaten path veggie, Quac, Veggie chips

Baked Goods-Cookies, Blueberry Muffin

Candy-Reeses Cup, Milk Chocolate w/Caramel

Drink-Unsweet Tea Chick-fil-A, Cherry Coke Zero, Iced Green Tea Starbucks

Coffee-No Coffee but any Hot Tea 

Allergies-Dark Chocolate 

Favorite Color- Burgundy, Fuschia, Yellow

Flower- All Flowers

Favorite Scent- Floral, Eucalyptus

Sports team- UCF, Giants 

Hobbies-Beach, Movies, Top Golf, Walking 

Classroom Wish List-Anything Handmade

Annie McFarland

January 28th

Favorite Restaurants -Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A

Places to Shop-Target, Publix 

Snack-Chex Mix, Seasalt chips, Donuts,Chocolate, Pringles

Baked Goods -Brownies, Cookies, Muchkins

Candy-Dark Chocolate Raisin, Milk Duds


Coffee- Caramel Frappe No whip


Favorite Color- Neutrals

Flower- Rose

Favorite Scent- Vanilla

Sports team-  

Hobbies- Beach, Movies, Reading, Antiquing

Classroom Wish List-

Jeanne McKay

May 31

Favorite Restaurants - Tijuana Flats, Garibaldis

Places to Shop-Target, Amazon 

Snack-Trail Mix

Baked Goods -Cookies


Drink- Water, Energy Drinks

Coffee- Iced Vanilla Latte


Favorite Color-Green 

Flower- Lily

Favorite Scent- Lavender

Sports team- Michigan Wolverines

Hobbies- Read

Classroom Wish List-Color Pens, Black Expo Markers

Erica Molano

October 10th

Favorite Restaurants - Chick-Fil-A, Burger Fi, Sus-hi Station

Places to Shop-Target, Marshalls, Michaels, Joanns, Aerie


Baked Goods -Croissants, Scones, Corn Muffins

Candy-Peanut Chews, Resses

Drink- Kombucha, Coke

Coffee- Vanilla Latte


Favorite Color-Green, Purple

Flower- Lily, Wildflower

Favorite Scent- Earthy, Lavender

Sports team- FSU, NY Giants, New York Yankees

Hobbies- Crafty, Read

Classroom Wish List-

Ashlay Moore

May 25th

Favorite Restaurants - Chilis, Longhorn

Places to Shop-Target, Five Below, Walmart, Amazon

Snack-Jalapeno Chips

Baked Goods -Cookies, Cake

Candy-Snicker, Reese

Drink- Pepsi

Coffee- Hot Chocolate


Favorite Color-Pink, Purple


Favorite Scent- 

Sports team- Kansas City Chiefs

Hobbies- Reading, Netflix

Classroom Wish List-

Stacy Mullinax

December 4th

Favorite Restaurants - Carrabba's

Places to Shop-Target, Kohls

Snack-Chip, Salsa

Baked Goods -Pumpkin Pie


Drink-Sweet Tea, Soy, Milk

Coffee- Black


Favorite Color-Yellow

Flower- Potted Flowers

Favorite Scent- Old People Perfume

Sports team- Bucs


Classroom Wish List-White Computer Paper

Melody Pagán

December 27th

Favorite Restaurants -Kobes, Chick-Fil-AQ 

Places to Shop-Sephora, Target

Snack-Sunflower Seeds, Doritos

Baked Goods -Gideon Bakehouse Chocolate Chips

Candy-Nutella, Hershey Kisses

Drink- Coca Cola

Coffee- Mocha w/Oatmilk


Favorite Color-Sage Green

Flower- Sunflower

Favorite Scent- Cozy Smells, Vanilla, Warm Chamomile

Sports team-Lakers 

Hobbies- Writing ,Reading, Disney World

Classroom Wish List-Clipboards, Headphones, Book Bins(37), Magnatiles

Cassandra Palombini

June 28th

Favorite Restaurants -Qdoba, Zazaq, Daniels Bakery

Places to Shop-Target, Barnes and Noble

Snack-Salt and Vinegar Chips

Baked Goods - Cookies

Candy- Sour Candies

Drink-Sparkling water, Tea

Coffee- Dunkin Donuts, Foxtail

Allergies- Lactose Intolerant

Favorite Color-Green Purple


Favorite Scent-Mint

Sports team- UCF

Hobbies- Knitting, Crocheting, Reading

Classroom Wish List-Board Games

Chantal Payne

December 27th

Favorite Restaurants - Chilis

Places to Shop-Target


Baked Goods - Sprinkle Cookies


Drink- Cherry Coke

Coffee- Pumpkin Spice


Favorite Color-Purple

Flower- Rose

Favorite Scent- Vanilla

Sports team- Chicago Bears

Hobbies- Swimming

Classroom Wish List-Mini Erasers ,Alphabet Popits

Amy Powell

April 10th

Favorite Restaurants - Huey Magoos, Tijuana Flats

Places to Shop-Home Goods, Target, Amazon

Snack-Potato Chips, Macadamia Nuts

Baked Goods - Brownies

Candy-Dark Chocolate w/Almonds


Coffee- Vanilla Latte, Chai Tea Latte


Favorite Color-Pink, Yellow


Favorite Scent- Lemons

Sports team- Dolphins

Hobbies- Reading, Crochet/ Knitting

Classroom Wish List-Stickers, Skittles, puzzles

Jennifer Ripple

April 15th

Favorite Restaurants - Mexican

Places to Shop-Loft, Target

Snack-Chips and Salsa

Baked Goods - Anything

Candy-Anything w/Peanut Butter


Coffee- Chai Latte


Favorite Color-Yellow


Favorite Scent- Beach

Sports team- Miami Dolphins

Hobbies- Cross Stitching

Classroom Wish List-

Claudia Romero

December 9th

Favorite Restaurants - Thailicious, Carrabba's

Places to Shop-Target, Walmart


Baked Goods - Baklava

Candy-Ferrero Rocher Chocolates

Drink-Lemonade, Arnold Palmer

Coffee- Latte, Cafe Con Leche


Favorite Color-All

Flower-Potted Flower

Favorite Scent- Citrus, Floral

Sports team- 

Hobbies- Reading, Beach

Classroom Wish List-Gardening supplies (Kid size)

 Jitka Santana

February 13th

Favorite Restaurants -Hollerbach, Melting Pot 

Places to Shop-Amazon

Snack-Hummus w/Ritz Crackers

Baked Goods - Cheese Danish


Drink-Ice Tea

Coffee- Starbucks


Favorite Color-Blue

Flower-Daffodil, Hyacinth

Favorite Scent-Scented Oils 

Sports team- 

Hobbies- Hiking, Biking, Paddle Board

Classroom Wish List-




Erika Scott

March 17th

Favorite Restaurants - Chipotle, 4 Rivers, Red Lobster

Places to Shop-Loft, Target, Amazon

Snack-Spicy Nacho, Doritos

Baked Goods - Cheesecake


Drink-Ice Tea

Coffee- Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha


Favorite Color-Green

Flower-Tulips ,Gerbera Daisies

Favorite Scent- 

Sports team-Buffalo Bills, NY Yankees 

Hobbies- Movies, Video/Board Games, Road Trips

Classroom Wish List-

Lawand Smith

November 12th

Favorite Restaurants -Longhorns

Places to Shop-Amazon

Snack-Honey Roasted Almonds, Quaker Rice Cakes Buttermilk Ranch

Baked Goods - Brownies , Chocolate Chip

Candy-Snickers, Almond Joy

Drink-Green Tea

Coffee- Starbucks Decaf Frappuccino


Favorite Color-Blue

Flower-Roses, Any

Favorite Scent-Lavender

Sports team- 

Hobbies- Reading, Watching Movies

Classroom Wish List-Math Games, 2nd Grade Frog Games

Kristina Taft

June 28th

Favorite Restaurants - Pilin Thai

Places to Shop-Kohls, Home Goods


Baked Goods - Chocolate Chips

Candy-Ferrero Rocher Chocolates




Favorite Color-Yellow


Favorite Scent- 

Sports team- Ohio State, UCF, FSU

Hobbies- Art, Painting

Classroom Wish List-Guessin, 10 Legendary Landmarks, Magnetic Drawing Boards

Zaide Vaźquez

August 31st

Favorite Restaurants - The Cheesecake Factory

Places to Shop-Macys, Kohls, Michaels

Snack-Trail Mix

Baked Goods - Cookies



Coffee- White Chocolate Mocha


Favorite Color-Purple


Favorite Scent- 

Sports team- UCSC, Magic

Hobbies- Scrapbook, Card making

Classroom Wish List-

Lauren Walke

September 29th

Favorite Restaurants -Chick-Fil-A, Starbucks 

Places to Shop-Target

Snack-Trail Mix

Baked Goods - Chocolate Chip Cookies


Drink-La Croix

Coffee- Iced Caramel Macchiato


Favorite Color-Blue, Pink


Favorite Scent- Magnolia

Sports team- LSU

Hobbies- Shopping, Beach

Classroom Wish List-Flair Pens, Astrobright Paper, Expo Markers

Kelly Wiles

February 19th

Favorite Restaurants - Positano's, Froggers, San Josés , Gators

Places to Shop-Target, Hobby Lobby, Home Goods


Baked Goods - Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

Candy-Sour Patch Kids, Chocolate

Drink-Iced Tea

Coffee- Dunkin Donuts coffee w/Cream


Favorite Color-Purple


Favorite Scent-Lavender 

Sports team- Steelers

Hobbies- Reading, Shopping, Motorcycle rides, Bowling

Classroom Wish List-Glue Sticks, Snacks for Students, Kleenex

Kiera Wilson

August 6th

Favorite Restaurants - Bonefish, Chick-Fil-A, Tijuana Flats

Places to Shop-Loft, Target


Baked Goods - Muffins, Donuts


Drink-Celsius Starbucks, Coffee



Favorite Color-Turquoise


Favorite Scent-Coconut, Beach

Sports team- 

Hobbies-Reading, Working out 

Classroom Wish List-

Joan Woodruff

December 12th

Favorite Restaurants - Red Lobster

Places to Shop-Old Navy, Amazon

Snack-Sargento Cheese Snacks

Baked Goods -Peanut Butter Cookies 

Candy-Peanut M&M's


Coffee- Iced Caramel Latte


Favorite Color-Purple


Favorite Scent-Amber, Sandalwood

Sports team- Tampa Bay Bucs, Florida Gators

Hobbies- None

Classroom Wish List-Color Printer

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